Automated Trading Solutions Are the Way of the FUTURE.FUTURE.

Stock Hunt’s automated trading platform supports human judgment with event-driven, quantitatively defined strategies and gives trading firms, investment managers, and regulated institutions a range of execution methodologies to choose from, including their own custom approaches.

Greed, fear, and vanity can trip us up in our personal lives, and they can cost us money as traders. Automated trading takes the emotion out of the equation while analyzing enormous amounts of crucial data quickly and profitably.

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Automated Trading System Benefits

24/7 Trading

Trading automation eliminates the need to constantly monitor market signals. Our platform performs system analyses and monitors global events ,live news, and social media platforms, and provides 24/7, real-time, sentiment analysis module alerts.

Elimination of Emotions

One of the biggest benefits of automated trading is the ability to perform trades without emotions being involved. Commonly traders buy and sell based on feelings; on the other hand, automation executes trades as soon as the specific set of instructions have been met.


From data analysis to execution, automated trading solutions can process more information than human traders; and adjust to changes in market conditions more quickly. Because they are constantly poised to execute orders based on this analysis, algorithmic trading solutions offer a faster, more direct implementation of core investment strategies.

Advanced risk management

Stock Hunt’s automated risk
management module analyzes
market conditions, trends, and
news to support decision-making
with a broad range of contextual
analysis. Our solution also supports
multiple strategies, allowing you to
share risk among several different


Most of the automated systems allow testing of rules and strategies against historical data to have an idea of a likelihood of success. This enables the customization of a perfect strategy and the elimination of any creases before real money is on the line.

Forward -testing

Given the limitations of backtesting, forward-testing runs data in real-time on live market data. This gives confirmation on the effectiveness of the strategy in today’s market climate and exposes any problems and shortfalls inherent in a code.

More than 80%80% of all trading on U.S. stock markets is done by automated systems.

    Stock Hunt is an automated algo trading company that applies artificial intelligence to absolute return strategies. We combine advanced machine learning techniques with financial expertise to generate profitable, self-learning, and self-adapting automated trading systems.


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