About Us

Stock Hunt is an innovative financial technology company that offers an automated trading platform using proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) fundamental analysis, and technical and sentimental analysis.

Stock Hunt Inc. has offices in New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and now Dubai. The company’s mission is to assist all kinds of investors around the globe in making better and more sound investment decisions by introducing an innovative AI algorithms platform to enhance greater intelligence in stock trading.

Our True Essence is Explained in Our Mission

  • Achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction
  • Maximise the returns to our shareholder
  • Create a positive rewarding workplace for our employees
  • Be a socially responsible company

Stock Hunt vision is to open the global markets for everyone to trade and invest in a simple, secure and transparent way using AI & Machine Learning.

Mission: To make trading accessible to anyone, anywhere, and reduce Risk on market using Innovative Technology.



We Do the Right Thing

We act with integrity and put our clients first.


We work with passion. We are fully committed to exploring and selecting the best investment opportunities. We translate our experience into returns for investors and strengthen success using our know-how.

Long-term Focus

Our decisions are well thought out. We act with resolve, reflection, unselfishness, and fairness, always in the best interest of investors.

Winning Mindset

Our results prove our winning mindset. Our success is due to the work and dedication of all of us who consistently create the best products and provide superb service.

We Strive for Excellence

We put forth extra effort, practice continuous improvement, and stay flexible to adapt to changing circumstances.


Transparency and Results

The world's Highest Office

Our office is on the 149th floor of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


We have several years of experience in the investment advisory industry. This, coupled with our commitment to the growth of our clients, has allowed us to achieve important goals and innovate in the investment industry.


Have questions?

If you’re interested in learning more about what we have to offer, please get in touch with us directly and speak with a member of our team.

    Our Banking Partners

      Stock Hunt is an automated algo trading company that applies artificial intelligence to absolute return strategies. We combine advanced machine learning techniques with financial expertise to generate profitable, self-learning, and self-adapting automated trading systems.


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